Review: Revolution, Jennifer Donnelly

| 13 February , 2011 | 1 Reply

Tina Gamble

Fireworks. Music. History. And Hope.

That is what Jennifer Donnelly provides in her new novel, Revolution.  Though it is not all. It is so much more. And it does mean so much more&

I shall never look at fireworks the same way again. Before reading this book, I thought they were pretty. Just pretty& Something to be admired and celebrated.  Now, however, they are wondrous things. Glittering stars to light up the sky&  And to give hope for all lost causes.

In this skilfully written story, Donnelly weaves together the lives of two girls; separated by centuries in time, as they both attempt to save the life of an innocent young boy from the hands of the French Revolution.

Alexandrine lives in the past. Andi lives in the present. In the aftermath of her brother\’s death, Andi finds a key – a key that leads to the past&

The characters from Revolution, and their stories are completely mesmerising and enthralling. You grow to know them – each of them – and understand them. Until in the end& you vie for them.

“You will have to fight the whole world to free him. And the world always wins.”

The only tiny little thing left to want from this book was Nick. I wanted to know more about him. The type of guy he was is common enough, and perhaps that\’s what piqued my curiosity. He was the one character I wanted to violate the expectations and assumptions that Donnelly had built up. He was only a minor character, yet I wanted so much more for him. For all of Donnelly\’s characters.

And that there, is why this is such a good book. Donnelly has created a story – two stories – that are so honest and believable that I cared for every single one of her characters. Even Orléans. (Well, perhaps maybe not so much Orléans&)

Revolution is a story of the past, and the present. It is a tale, which captures the mind, and puts a deep longing into your heart. This book has the whole world in it& ‘The good and the bad, the beauty, the pain.\’

This is where Donnelly\’s magic lies… In hope, and lost causes – in making us wish for the impossible&

Available Now: Allen & Unwin RRP $15.99


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