Movie Review: No Strings Attached (2011)

| 14 February , 2011 | 2 Replies

Keeva Stratton, Quip Creative

Directed by: Ivan Reitman
Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Natalie Portman, Kevin Kline

This time of year seems to bring out the parade of romantic-comedies—possibly due to Valentine\’s Day—but, whether you are in the mood for love, or just wanting a good laugh, No Strings Attached offers a veritable chocolate box of sweetly humorous moments that are sure to satisfy any craving.

Emma (Natalie Portman) is a uniquely independent young woman. Unlike most ladies her age, Emma isn\’t looking for commitment, or long term love, or even cuddles, caresses, and canoodling. In fact, her ideal ‘special someone\’ is all about the other ‘c\’—convenience. Enter Adam (Ashton Kutcher). He\’s the son of a TV celebrity who, following a string of failed attempts at love, is trying to move on from his last girlfriend, a girlfriend who just happened to move on to his dad (Kevin Kline).

The two originally meet as teenagers at camp, and after an awkward teenage moment they bump into one another again (literally) 15 years later. With neither seeing any positives, nor even any necessity, with a committed relationship, they decide that being friends with benefits is beneficial indeed. Rendezvous after rendezvous ensues to great comedic effect, until, of course, the inevitable happens—with one developing actual feelings for the other. And, at which point, what was once simply a matter of convenience starts to get rather complicated.

When it comes to rom-coms, a predictable plot isn\’t necessarily a bad thing, especially when it is played out in an unpredictably clever way. The real measure of success is whether you feel the film—whether you laugh along—and, no matter how cheesy, if you can suspend your disbelief and descend into the love-laden cheering rally, actively hoping that the leads are able to overcome their obstacles and find true love—and you, in turn, can find a little loved-up happiness along with them.

In this respect, the film stands out amongst the mediocre recent offerings, largely due to a great supporting cast, who aptly skewer us with witty one-liners, and of course, the acting calibre of the leads. The chemistry between Portman and Kutcher appears natural. It would be enough to make even a seasoned actor such as Demi just a little green with envy. And the film also offers a well overdue and welcome return of the comedic brilliance of Kevin Kline. His self-deprecating humour and deft depiction of a former TV actor living in a constant quest for youth is well-played indeed.

For a truly fun and flirty experience, with just enough sass, No Strings Attached is just sexy enough, just witty enough and just spicy enough to make it a fun and fresh offering for those wanting to feel good.

No Strings Attached is in cinemas now.


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