Review: Delirium, Lauren Oliver

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Tina Gamble

In a world where Love is a disease, Lena Haloway, knows the only way to get through all the pain and deliria, is by taking the cure mandated by the government.

In 95 days, Lena will have her treatment. And everything will be good again. Everyone will forget, who she was, or at least, who her mother had been& She will be matched with an approved partner, and her life will be content.

95 days and she will be cured&

So why does she keep thinking about the boy? Alex. With his golden brown hair, like autumn leaves getting ready to fall, and those keen amber eyes that could almost see right through her.

Lena\’s world is about to turn upside down. Will she do the unthinkable?

Delirium is Lauren Oliver\’s exciting new YA novel, about Lena, a teenage girl from Portland, who is shown a world outside the one she believes in. Through the fence and across the border, are the Wilds, a land where the invalids live.

Lena had always been taught to fear the Wilds, the deliria that came with Love, and the invalids – those not ‘cured\’. But then she meets Alex, and he shows her the truth& a small ripple that sends a tremor through her body and has her questioning everything she was ever told.

The storyline is strong and reader\’s will find themselves curious; Love a disease? Yes. Oliver does a good job in creating convincing grounds for the disease, and readers may even find themselves believing that it\’s true& Do you have the deliria? Would you take the cure?

Midway through, the story does slow down a bit, as Lena starts to discover and explore her world, through new eyes, with Alex. And Alex? He\’s patient, sweet, charming and definitely sigh-worthy.

It is the end, however, where the pace picks up and even if your lunch break is over, or your eyes are starting to droop from lack of sleep, you cannot put this book down. Not until you know&

You\’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat, one foot on the ground, the other poised and ready to jump, ready to enter Oliver\’s Portland, ready to escape into the Wilds, and ready to accept the deliria.

Love. ‘The deadliest of all deadly things: It kills you both when you have it and when you don\’t.\’

Available Now: Hachette RRP $27.99


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