Burqalicious -The Dubai Diaries, Becky Wicks

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Kristy McCormick

A true story of sun, sand, sex and secrecy

Becky Wicks is a freelance writer who lived in London, writing for magazines and websites, before the lure of Dubai proved too much. Tempted by the promise of a tax-free income and loads of fun in the sun, Becky left dreary London behind and made the move to Dubai. But she got slightly more than she bargained for.

A fun (and funny) read, her book – Burqalicious, The Dubai Diaries – details the two years she spent living and working in Dubai, as the city grew and grew around her. From dodgy Irish bars to sumptuous all you can eat (and drink) affairs in five star hotels, Becky didn\’t let any opportunity pass her by and made the most of an unashamedly indulgent lifestyle.

Of course it wasn\’t all glamour all of the time. Becky details the trauma of finding a decent (and remotely affordable) place to live, the terror of driving in taxis along half finished roads and the difficulties of pretending to be sober when you\’re clearly not! Oh, and of course with the slightly risky undertaking of an affair with a married Muslim man, Becky certainly made the most of all her time there!

The book is really easy to read, with a style that draws you in and allows you to feel as though you are simply having a conversation with the author. Her observations are sharp, quick-witted and often hilarious, and she is not afraid to tell it like it is. And it is this style that stops this book from coming across as self-indulgent – the author manages to portray herself as a spoiled brat at times, without losing any appeal. The story is hardly self-effacing, but it is an honest and refreshing read.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and if anyone has ever given any thought to heading to Dubai, then this might be the book for you. Because although this is far from being a definitive guide to the city and the culture of Dubai, you will certainly know how to fit in with a lifestyle that some may label indulgent and it may just lead you to the best karaoke bars and all you can eat buffets in town!

Available Now: Harper Collins RRP $29.99


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