Gemma Ward: The Ugly One Press Conference, Perth

| 23 February , 2011 | Reply

Gemma Ward is absolutely glowing with happiness and good health at her press conference today (February 23rd) at the Perth Theatre Company to promote the production of “The Ugly One” at the State Theatre, Perth.

The play by Marius Von Mayenburg is about society\’s obsession with beauty, and the irony of that isn\’t lost on Ward, who was once among the world\’s most sought after models.

“It has made me look at everything that we feel about beauty and the way it affects us,” she said.  “I started to notice how often we refer to things as beautiful or not. It\’s a fascinating prism to look at the world through.”

Ward takes on three roles in The Ugly One, including that of a 73 year old woman.  Admitting the heavy rehearsal schedule is her first full time job, the 23 year old is enjoying the pace.

“It\’s nice to have a job where you\’re laughing through the day, bouncing ideas and collaborating.”

Ward says she has also been enjoying her down time with her family.

“We play ping-pong and chess, play guitar.” (via)

Interview Snippet with Gemma on the new role (via):

The Ugly One opens on March 18th, visit their website for more details.

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