New: Narciso Rodriguez’s Essence Eau de Musc Fragrance

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Shitika Anand

A fragrance that ignites a real sense of intimacy and sensuality in a woman. A scent that leaves you wanting for more. This is the new fragrance by Narciso Rodriguez, essence eau de musc.

Musk is Narciso’s favourite scent as it brings out woman’s vulnerable and strong assets and the designer didn’t think twice when he created his new fragrance based on white musk.

Inspired by the designer’s recent collection of a new energy and free spirit, essence eau de musc is sophisticated, feminine and romantic. It captures the modern femininity and sexiness of a woman.

The follow up fragrance has citrus and floral top notes of iris, middle notes of powdery white musk and it settles in with woody bottom notes of amber. The fragrance is perfect for day wear and our beauty desk is in love with the scent with it’s strong but subtle layers that slowly settle on the skin and leave a light waft of a powdery floral musk.

“With essence eau de musc, we wanted to take the sensual intimacy of musk and the sheer luminosity of essence eau de parfum and meld the two to celebrate the power of personal freedom in today\’s femininity,” says Narciso Rodriguez.

The designer’s simplicity is reflective in the sleek mirror-like design of the bottle.

If you’re a musk-fanatic, this fragrance is a must-have, the new fragrance comes in two sizes 75ml RRP$100 and 125ml RRP$139.

Exclusively available at MYER counters from March 6, 2011 … get your sensual scent on.

Courtesy of Narciso Rodreguez


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