Book Review: Mia Culpa, Mia Freedman

| 7 March , 2011 | Reply

Diane Sexton

Sparkling conversation? Check. Witty anecdotes? Check. Huge mirror held up to 30-something Australian women? Check and check again. Reading Mia Culpa, by Mia Freedman, is like meeting someone that you will either click with at first sight, or else completely fail to get along with.

In my case, I couldn’t help but click as Mia Freedman describes everything about me in perfect detail. From 80s advertising catchphrases that still stick in my head, (you’re soaking in it!) to being unable to finish reading self-help books, to bemusement at how women’s fashion isn’t about making us more attractive to the opposite sex (you didn’t know? Well you’ll have to read the book to find out what that’s all about), this is a book that reminds us how good it is to be a woman.

For instance, isn’t it great how women can have 5-minute conversations that can cover procreation, Prada, and pubic hair (or lack of any of the above) all at the same time. Or how women can think about a million things at once and most of that while driving / talking on the phone / talking on the phone while driving. And I find it reassuring that according to Mia, I’m not the only woman who feels that “pampering facial” is an oxymoron – with all that squeezing, peeling, scrubbing, blowing and hot wax, then leaving the salon with a lighter purse and blotchy skin … remind me again who am I supposed to be pampering?

This book is a light collection of tales and anecdotes that is superb for reading in bed, picking up and dipping into, or for making people glance at you strangely on public transport. And I don’t doubt that your partner will find it enlightening too, if you happen to leave it in a prominent place for him to pick up.

Available Now: Penguin RRP $29.95


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