Review: A Hidden Affair, Pam Jenoff

| 9 March , 2011 | Reply

Diane Sexton

In the sequel to Almost Home, we go with Jordan Weiss as she leaves her job with the US State Department to follow a faint trail to her college love Jared – whom she has thought dead for 10 years. It turns out that far from being dead, he was known – and known by her very own boss! – to be alive and on the run, hiding from most authorities because of some unnamed research he performed while at college.

Jordan’s fast paced adventure takes her from London, to Monaco, to Austria and the wine country of Italy before finding an ending on an idyllic Greek Island. But of course things aren’t what they seem. Jordan has to uncover all the secrets before she can finally find closure with Ari, and with her memories of Jared.

I was by turns charmed and allured by the scenery, the dark handsome stranger Ari who helps Jordan for his own reasons, and the sensational pace of the novel. And, being a wine lover, I also particularly enjoyed Ari’s cover story of trying to trace a famous vintage from the Second World War, hidden from the Nazis and smuggled out of France. The story is billed as a mix of espionage and romance, and while there were elements of both, I don’t think there was much coherent espionage really going on, though there was definitely romance! This is a quick read, and an intriguing one even if you haven’t read Almost Home, the first novel in the series.

Available Now: Simon & Schuster RRP $22.99


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