Movie Review: Hall Pass (2011)

| 11 March , 2011 | Reply

Keeva Stratton, Quip Creative

Directed by: Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly
Starring: Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer, Christina Applegate

Love them or hate them, the Farrelly Brothers have dominated the comedy genre, having produced hits like There\’s Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber, and Shallow Hal, which were followed by a few misses such as Stuck on You and Me Myself and Irene. Thankfully, with Hall Pass, another hit has arrived, and this time the film is quite possibly funnier than all that have come before.

When the middle-aged-caught-in-the-monotony-of-marriage duo of Rick (Wilson) and Fred (Sudeikis) finally go too far with their stuck-in-adolescence ways, they are punished (or rewarded) by their wives with a Hall Pass—one week entirely free from any of the so-called chains of marriage. With their new-found freedom, these man-boys attempt to re-sow their wild oats inly to find that their wrinklier, greyer, and—let\’s be honest—chubbier selves may not so seamlessly fit back into the dating game.

The wives, who hope that their husbands\’ hall passes will help them realise that they actually have the good life, take the kids away for the week—and soon discover that they themselves have the keys to freedom, and that there might just be some unexpected benefits to their vacation, thanks to the flattering attentions of the local baseball team.

At the Sydney premiere, star guest Owen Wilson was quick to assure the crowd that Hall Pass had something for everyone—and he was right. From moments that attracted an endearing internal chortle, to those moments inducing absolute laugh out loud, tears rolling down the cheeks type hysteria, this movie more than delivers on its comedic claim. Not only were the jokes funny, the characters engaging and the plot believable, but this was a comedy that was impressively clever in its outright stupidity.

Portraying the often unrealistic perceptions that many middle-aged married men hold of themselves, the coming down to earth of Rick and Fred will no doubt serve as a warning to those whose inflated self-opinions might need adjusting.

Hall Pass has successfully put the Farrelly brothers back on the comedy map, and providing they can maintain this lofty standard of laughs, here\’s hoping they stay for a while.

A must see for those in need of a laugh, Hall Pass is in cinemas now.


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