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Tina Gamble

I remember when was younger, I read Shannon Hale\’s novel, The Book of a Thousand Days. I loved that book. Her characters and setting were so alive and full of wonder; it was truly a pleasurable read. Not one to disappoint, Hale has done it again, with her new novel in The Books of Bayern series, Forest Born.

This is a tale about Rin, a young girl from the Forest, who hides a secret that could tear her world apart…

Rin has always had a special bond with the trees, seeking their comfort in times of need. But when a change comes, and Rin\’s fears threaten to rise to the surface, she finds herself running from the Forest and into the very midst of Bayern.

There she meets the fire sisters – Isi, Enna and Dasha – and with them, Rin must face a mysterious new threat that will lead her back into the woods, heading straight towards the kingdom of Kel to face an unknown assailant.

The characters in this novel are all well drawn, with worries and fears that make them seem so delightfully normal. Though, of course, they\’re not quite normal, they are, in fact, a lot more fun than that.

Rin\’s brother, Razo, is the perfect example. Utterly charming and adorable, his personality will draw a smile to your lips and bring a small light to your eyes. He is one of the characters that makes me want to go back and read the other books in the series. Though for those new to Shannon Hale, this is quite easily a standalone book, and you will not need to have read the others to follow the plot.

Forest Born is a magical story about a young girl trying to find her place in the world. It is a tale about friendship, adventure and courage. Once again, Hale delivers a richly satisfying novel that readers will enjoy for many years to come.

Available Now: Allen and Unwin RRP $15.99


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