Review: The Coffeeholic and the Café, Elizabeth Martin

| 17 March , 2011 | Reply

Melanie Starr

Elizabeth Martin\’s debut novel, The Coffeeholic and the Café, both delights and surprises in ways first novels rarely do. A down-to-earth writer with an easy turn of phrase, Martin has the ability to draw us to her protagonist by making her highly relatable.  The Coffeeholic and the Café is a “coming of age” novel that chronicles the trials and tribulations of late bloomer, Claire Douglas, and her quest to find the very thing we are all searching for& Ourselves!

With a mostly fake resume and a claim of loving coffee to the point of addiction, Claire talks herself into being the best candidate for a barista post that has become available at a coffee plantation in Far North Queensland. Eager to escape a bitter, failed relationship and a family who expect very little of her in, “drizzly Melbourne,” Claire jumps into her new life head first. Not surprisingly, the exciting new café that Claire is to run is nothing more than a dusty tin shed on a remote plantation, the tall mysterious stranger who collects Claire from the airport is saddled with the discordant name of Bruce and Claire\’s new boss, Maria, takes an instant dislike to her employee at their first meeting.

In other words, as with all brilliant new careers conjured in haste by fed-up 28-year-olds, things do not always go to plan. Still, the ever cogitative Claire trudges along and starts to make some real headway with the help of a couple of colourful characters including; “sort-of” foul-mouthed mail-order-bride, Veronica Plum, her surly husband Frank and arty but shifty Saffron. The presence of tall, dark, brooding, insightful and exotic Tom a.k.a. Bruce doesn\’t hurt either – you know what I\’m saying ladies!

You will fall in love with the rugged yet beautiful Far North Queensland landscape and discover the possibility of everything when one is taken out of their comfort zone together with the harsh reality that you can never really escape the past.

So sit back, make yourself a coffee (preferably a fancy one) and prepare to nod along in acquiescence – I think there\’s a little of Claire in all of us.

Available Now: Boolarong RRP $24.95


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