Emily Didonato: Maybelline NY Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation + Review

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The word ‘foundation’ is usually a reminder of an oily, overly-caked look, but not when you have Maybelline’s new Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation fronted by Maybelline model Emily Didonato.

This cream whipped foundation is targeted at people with dry skin, giving them baby smooth skin. It contains over 30% moisturising cream, leaving the skin feeling fresh and hydrated for about 14 hours.

The rich texture of the foundation is easy to apply and it really blends into the skin. It doesn’t look made up at all, thanks to its moisturising matt finish.

Personal Review:

The packaging is in a screw top compact with a flip top that reveals a mirror and sponge.  The top unscrews and reveals the pwoder underneath, it’s a little bit awkward and bulky, but it works perfectly as a companion set.  The formula of the foundation is like a traditional cream foundation but the formula is creamier. It is so easy to smooth on, the coverage is baby-smooth and not heavy and blends flawlessly into the skin if you have the right colour for you and lasts well into the day, it was a dewy finish rather than a strong matte. You do need to be careful with coverage, a little bit goes a long way.  My only ‘whinge’ is I found it hard to clean the sponge and I wasn’t my usual “natural beige” colour, I had to go lighter as the pigment appeared to be a bit darker than usual. But other than that I liked the formula.

Professional Review with Paula Begoun from Beautypedia:

“Like most of Maybelline\’s Dream Mousse products, this addition to their growing collection is outstanding and an exceptional value. Although the texture of this cream-to-powder foundation isn\’t as fluffy as other products in the Dream Mousse line, application is still even, smooth, and effortless. What\’s most impressive (and surprising, given this product\’s claims that it\’s “ultra-hydrating,” which it isn\’t) is the smooth, powdery matte finish that looks amazingly natural. This foundation isn\’t one that those with dry skin should avoid; however, they should prep their skin first with a moisturizing broad-spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 15 or greater. (Maybelline didn\’t include sunscreen in this foundation, but that\’s not a deal-breaker by any means.) The blend of silicones in this foundation means that it will stay put on skin and will even withstand moderate moisture, like a light sweat.” (via)

Maybelline NY Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation (RRP$21.95) comes in eight shades and is available now nationally in supermarkets, pharmacies, variety and independent stores.

Courtesy of Maybelline

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