Review: Claudia\’s Big Break, Lisa Heidke

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Melanie Starr

Attention all you “Bridget Jonesian\’s” out there& I have got a book for you.

In her third novel, Claudia\’s Big Break, Lisa Heidke beautifully captures the essence of what fans of Bridget Jones loved about their heroine, her flaws! Claudia Taylor is one such loveable flawed heroine who is given the opportunity to press the pause button on her own life by way of an all-expenses-paid trip to Santorini with her two best friends, Sophie and Tara.

Involved with her married boss, Marcus, Claudia submits to her status as the “other woman,” a label she never thought to be associated with, particularly not at thirty-nine. A doomed affair from the start, it is no surprise to Claudia when she is shipped off to the other side of the world, supposedly to conduct important business for Marcus\’ importing firm, business that she believes to be her last as Marcus\’ employee. Yet, a holiday is a holiday and what a destination!

Claudia is determined to take full advantage of her time in the sun and begins to rethink her life tactic of leaving everything to fate. Similarly, Sophie and Tara use the trip to re-evaluate their lives and where they are headed. Divorcée, Tara, is anxious to escape her dead-end job and realise her dream of becoming a writer while Sophie struggles to deal with her experience of Postnatal Depression after the birth of her son Levi and the underlying guilt that she still feels.

Heidke\’s light-hearted presentation of serious subjects is done is such a way that the mood remains elevated and you are not left with a sinking feeling. If anything, the underlying theme of this book is hope.

Claudia is such an endearing character that you want her to do well and get her life back on track despite knowing her as her own worst enemy at times. The climax of the novel (albeit a little early in the piece) will keep you interested and entertained and I could not think of a better accompaniment to any trip than this book.

As for Santorini& it\’ll make its way to your bucket list – guaranteed.

Available Now: Allen & Unwin RRP $29.99


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