Absolute GOLD!! Richard Simmons for Air New Zealand’s Air Safety Video

| 29 March , 2011 | Reply

This is an absolute MUST WATCHRichard Simmons has joined the Mile High Club with Air New Zealand and has their flight attendants dancing down the aisles in the latest in-flight safety video set to the music of 80’s hit “The Only Way is Up.”

The workout guru is dressed in a sequinned vest and tiny shorts, turns the regulation safety precautions before take-off into an exercise class in the fun-tabolous clip, called Fit to Fly.

Surrounded by airline staff dressed in colourful Lycra, fluorescent leg warmers and sweat bands, he tells passengers: ‘In the next three minutes we\’re going to work hard, work out and get you fit to fly.\’

As 80s Yazz hit The Only Way Is Up pumps out, the fitness fanatic calls out instructions on how flyers can get rid themselves of bingo wings and get fit while in the air.

Simmons turns the act of stowing luggage into a warm-up exercise. ‘Stretch and slide, yeah! You\’re a giraffe,\’ he exclaims.

To inflate your life jacket, in the event of a sea landing, Simmons instructs passengers to ‘blow and blow and blow\’. He adds: ‘Yeah, you\’re pumping it up.\’

Air New Zealand general manager of marketing and communications Mike Tod has defended the light-hearted nature of the safety briefing video, and claims it will get passengers ‘sitting up and taking notice\’. ‘Simmons\’s fitness moves will definitely ensure that all eyes are on the safety briefing,\’ said Tod

Who wouldn’t be paying attention to these videos? You seriously cannot help but laugh and get wiggling … can you imagine the fits of laughter going on board the aircraft?


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