REVIEW: Dior Vernis Nails, Addicted to Rock Coat and More

| 5 April , 2011 | 3 Replies

Elise Phillips, The Nail File

The Dior Rock Your Nails collection and Rock Coat topcoat nails (zing!) the mood of Autumn. The five colours at this party are all sultry, dark and saturated, adding an edge to any outfit, while the Rock Coat topcoat adds a rich smokiness that sexes up whatever it is on top of. Tres chic.

I tried out three of the five and found them all really easy to apply. The brushes are flat with a rounded tip, so you only need one stroke for smaller nails, and three strokes for bigger nails. It glides on like cashmere and dries pretty quickly, so you can paint on the run.

Blue Label is not only Kate Moss’s lacquer of choice, but a brilliant inky navy blue that looks creamy but has just the teeniest tiniest hint of shimmer if you get up close and personal (and is a personal favourite of Sassi’s). A layer of Rock Coat takes this from sophisticated to up-late-and-heading-to-the-club. It doesn’t change the colour a lot, but it adds an alluring new dimension of shimmer.

Perfecto is a dark charcoal/slate grey that again has that hint of Dior secret silver shimmer when you look closely. It’s so dark that it could almost look black in some lights, and a lick of Rock Coat definitely takes it to the black end of the colour spectrum. Very moody.

Nirvana is just that – my idea of heaven in a bottle. It’s a rich turquoise that has hints of shimmer and a whisper of being dusty – bold but not bright. This is the colour that is most changed with a layer of Rock Coat – it moves to a very deep and dirty green that’s going to get me through Autumn with a smile on my face.

Rock Coat on its own is an interesting concept. It’s a washed out smoky charcoal that doesn’t really get full coverage even with two coats, so it can look a bit patchy and streaky. Best to keep this one for putting on top of other polishes.

The details:

  • DIOR VERNIS Rock Hit # 804 Perfecto: Almost black. Experience any hour of the night, at your fingertips.
  • DIOR VERNIS Rock Hit # 887 Purple Mix: A smoky violet. An enticing shade for a sensually charged slow dance.
  • DIOR VERNIS RockHit # 704 Nirvana: A grey-green. Mixing a masculine vibe with the ultra feminine in a promise of paradise.
  • DIOR VERNIS Rock Hit # 997 Blue Label: A deep blue. A signature rock essential to wear any time, anywhere.
  • DIOR VERNIS Rock Hit # 824 Underground: A mysterious brown. An enigmatic, urban universe.

Click the thumbnails for full size images including photos of Rock Coat over the featured colours:

Dior Vernis (Haute Couleur Extreme Wear Nail Lacquer) and Rock Coat are available now nationally, are RRP$39.00, for your nearest stockist contact (02) 9695 4800.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Who’s Elise? Elise Phillips is my friend and has two blogs, The Nail File and Stuff that I Bought. Elise is obsessed with Nail Polish and The Nail File is where she shares her knowledge and unleashes her passion for all things Nails! And she’s an awesome writer, seriously if you’re not reading her blogs, you’re missing out big time! And I recommend voting for her in the Cosmo Fun & Fearless Awards. Love Sassi xoxo

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