Sarah Murdoch: BONDS Invisitails 2011 Campaign & Video

| 5 April , 2011 | 10 Replies

Bonds Ambassadors Sarah Murdoch and Pat Rafter gave a preview of the new BONDS Invisitails underwear range amid a tableau of Invisitails clad dancers at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and here we have the campaign and commercial for your viewing pleasure.

We see the glamboyant Sarah Murdoch and her Invisitail dancers paying homage to the old Hollywood dance spectaculars in a choreographed dance routine to Bom Bom Bom by Living Things.  The dancers are aged between 23 to 46 representing the broad age range that the new underwear has been created for.

BONDS Ambassador Sarah Murdoch explains: “At BONDS we love to look after everyone and with Invisitails we are really focusing on women who have grown up with Bonds. It is the perfect time, with fashion trends all over the world recognising supermodels from the past, for BONDS to break through the age barrier by showcasing and celebrating women of many ages in the new Invisitails campaign and with our new Invisitails product”.

Invisitails are made from a unique microfibre fabric which makes them look and feel invisible under clothes. The microfibre in  Invisitails has a silky smooth feel which is designed to be comfortable and glide over skin so clothes won\’t stick to it. Invisitails have a laser-cut leg with a slim elastic seam that hugs the contours so they stay in place all day.

What do you think of the TVC?  I think Sarah is so amazing!


Invisitails are available in soft colourful hues and basics in three styles: midi, hi-cut and full brief. Invisitails are available at leading department stores and specialty stores nationally now priced between RRP $15.95 to $17.95. For stockist information please call 1800 054 321 or visit

Courtesy of Bonds

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  1. Geraldine says:

    First yoghurt now underpants – is the venerable Ms Murdoch short of a cracker? Really it is all so bizzare. There really is a point beyond which one ceases to look girlish and coquettish.

  2. deb says:

    the name of the song is BOM BOM BOM by LIVING THINGS

  3. Sassi Sam says:

    I love this advert too …
    Sassi 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    Yes agreed Sassi and Sensible, the corset does do a good job both to make Sarah stand out and to distract away from the fact the undies are about to cut her in half around the hips!

  5. Ros T says:

    I absolutely LOVE this add. ……….as seen on free TV. FINALLY, some beautiful women who are not anorexic. it is classy and fabulous!! well done and congratulations. 🙂

  6. Sassi Sam says:

    Sarah is the ‘face’ of the brand and this particular campaign so she’s meant to ‘stand out’ 🙂

  7. Someone Sensible says:

    I also feel that this is a terrible ad…For one it looks as if that corset that Sarah is wearing is the main product…I dont understand why the makers of the ad would have another product distract away from the main product??

    Other than that the choreography & ‘feel’ of the ad is good…

  8. David says:

    What is the name and artist of that song?

  9. Tim says:

    I agree with Lisa and would add that Sarah is a stick insect which does not fit the ad or the costume that she is wearing!!!

  10. Lisa says:

    I think this is possibly the worst undie ad I’ve ever seen. The concept is beautiful, the girls – with their non-supermodel figures are gorgeous. The old style glamour with modern music works well. So why is it a terrible ad? Because the one thing that fails dismally in the commercial is the product. The undies are riding up, cutting in and doing just about everything you don’t want undies to do – especially one that claims its selling point is a smooth line. Invisitails? If you’re blind perhaps. Freeze frame it anywhere and you’ll see examples. These pants manage to give even those lovely ladies muffin tops, flatbum, mid cheek cuts and gasp.. visible camel toe. Yikes. What will they to for – or should I say to – the average woman?

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