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| 8 April , 2011 | 1 Reply

Shitika Anand

Jennifer Aniston is another celebrity who has dipped her toes into the scented world of fragrances. But she has done it in a very understated, classic and ‘Jennifer Aniston’ way.

The Hollywood actor’s debut fragrance, Jennifer Aniston, has now hit our perfume shelves in Australia. Its exuberant, fresh and (very) floral scent is exactly what you’d expect Aniston’s perfume to be.

Aniston is inspired by the nostalgic memories of her childhood days spent in her California home. Imagine walking barefoot on the beach and being engulfed by a sweet, uplifting aroma of jasmine. That’s what Jennifer Aniston is all about.

It’s prominent citrus top notes collide with the essence of rose water. While the strong middle floral notes of jasmine, wild violets and amazon lily overpower the scent, the husky woody undertones of musk, amber and sandalwood provide the perfect base.

Aniston’s love for structural design is evident in its clean and sophisticated golden glass bottle.

You have to love flowers to like this scent. It’s an unadulterated, classic one that is perfect for a crisp Autumn day.

Sassi absolutely loves the scent. Before she tried it, she presumed it would “smell like lolly water“, like most celebrity fragrances do these days. But after sampling it, she’s surely in love, it’s sophisticated and stylish and totally wearable, she shares “it feels like a warm embrace as the layers settle in gently and get me through the day on a cloud of loveliness that is not overpowering.”

There was much said about her campaign images, but we love them and if you missed the launch of Jennifer Aniston in Harrods, London, then read this post.

Jennifer Aniston Eau de Parfum is available in three sizes; 30 ml (RRP $49), 50ml (RRP $69), and 85ml (RRP $89).

It is on shelf now at MYER, David Jones, The Perfume Connection and selected independent stockists, for your nearest stockist call (02) 9695 5678.

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