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Kristy McCormick

Is it possible to move beyond your past and follow your dreams to a better future?

In North Star, by Karly Lane, Kate Thurston feels as though her life is just a series of disasters so far. A messy divorce, a teenage daughter who barely speaks to her and a son who looks at her as though he\’s wondering what on earth is going to happen next.

Short of cash due to the aforementioned divorce, Kate finds herself living in a less than salubrious part of the city – where her easily influenced daughter is enjoying friendships with some not so nice new school friends. So when Kate finds herself suddenly inheriting North Star, the vast property that her family have owned for generations it seems like an answer to her prayers. She immediately pictures a new start in the country, the chance to save some money, and get away from the unsavoury influences of the city.

But of course nothing is that simple and Kate realises once she gets to the property that this is a bigger job than she\’d anticipated. With hard work though Kate starts to get things in order slowly and with the unwavering support of her old friend Jenny and new ‘friend\’ John – the local police officer – she almost feels that she might have come home.

Enter the moody teenager and an errant ex-husband and it seems Kate might have her hands full once again. Plus the memories of a fractured childhood partly lived on the property are haunting her both day and night. When these memories lead to a serious police investigation, Kate almost believes she should never have returned to North Star and wonders just what else can go wrong.

It seems though, that the truth will come out in the end and this truth just might help Kate sleep better at night and mend the relationship she so longs for with her daughter.

North Star is a great novel – it contains romance, mystery and a protagonist gutsy enough to keep going through all the obstacles that life can throw at her. I enjoyed it, and the rural angle with the often amusing depictions of small town country life was an added bonus for me!

Available Now: Allen & Unwin RRP $29.99


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