NEW + Review: L’Oréal Paris Sulfate Free Hair Expertise Range

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Shitika Anand

Which shampoo will give shine to your hair? Which conditioner is perfect for your limp locks? Is there an all-night hair mask that will magically change your hair’s texture?

With overpacked supermarket counters and unlimited magazine advertisements, it’s very hard to get answers to all the above questions. But with L’Oréal Paris’ new sulfate-free haircare range, you will forget what dull hair feels like. I know, Sassi and I did.

The new L\’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise is a sulfate-free hair care range that is a luxury for your beauty shelf. You’ll never need an excuse to visit the salon for a hair wash, when you own this new premium range.

Inspired by natural botanical ingredients, Hair Expertise’s shampoos and conditioners provide a soothing sensorial and aromatic experience. It feels like you’re washing your hair under a thick blanket of trees, as its key components are rosemary, juniper and mint. Hair Expertise is also 100% alcohol-free and 100% vegan, making it free of all harsh formulas.

On trying the Hair Expertise EverStrong Fortify System, I can safely vouch for its brilliance. Even though I sampled the Hydrate shampoo and conditioner, my fine hair got an amazing bounce and life into it.

While washing, I could feel the lather cleaning all dirt, oil, product and yuckiness out of my hair. It not only made my hair super silky and soft, but oh the shine! You could see your face in it, really.

Sassi’s hair loved the shampoo so much that it almost paid tribute to Albert Einstein. Her hair was light, super clean and had an incredible amount of volume in it. Incredible amount, I kid you not. But honestly, the bounce and volume Hydrate had to offer, we’re really scared to try Bodify. It’s magic in a bottle.

A little scientific fact for you; the products in the range contain a Bio-Ceramide Complex that gently strengthens the hair fibre and resists breakage.

Hair Expertise EverStrong comes in three solutions; Hydrate – to strengthen and nourish dry hair; Reconstruct – to strengthen and repair damaged hair; and Bodify – to strengthen and add volume.

The Hair Expertise is also available for coloured hair that promises to hold the colour even after 32 washes. Another scientific fact, there is an anti-fade formula that gives your hair the much-needed, long-lasting colour brilliance.  We can’t vouch for that, we’ve only tried EverStrong.

Hair Expertise EverPure comes in three solutions, Moisture – to protect colour and nourish dry hair; Smooth – to protect colour and smooth frizzy hair; and Volume – to protect colour and add volume.

The range includes an overnight hair repair treatment that absorbs quickly into the hair without leaving any residue on the pillow.

Scientific Perspective by Paula Begoun from Beautipedia:

Even though, L’Oréal claims the products to be sulfate-free, Paula rejects the misleading statement by saying that all conditioners, with some exceptions, do not contain sulfate, and therefore, considers the sulfate-free statement to be false advertising.

Paula also says ingredients such as camphor, peppermint extract, rosemary oil, and various fragrance chemicals, contribute to an itchy scalp unless you rinse thoroughly.

According to the “cosmetic cop”, as she likes to call herself, Paula doesn’t find this range any different from what L’Oréal already have on shelves.

But ladies, keeping the scientific and medical research aside, if you don’t have a sensitive scalp, then this affordable range is definitely worth it.

Hair Expertise EverPure Shampoo & Conditioner RRP $12.95; Hair Expertise EverPure Moisture Leave-In Conditioner RRP $14.95; Hair Expertise EverStrong Shampoo & Conditioner RRP $12.95; Hair Expertise EverStrong Overnight Hair Repair Treatment RRP $14.95

L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise is now available in all supermarkets, Priceline and selected pharmacies, department and variety stores, for stockist please call, 1300 659 259

Sassi and Shitika

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