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Dominique Tubier

Glee: The Beginning by Sophia Lowell is a prequel to the television series and takes us back to a time before singing group New Directions was formed.

Rachel is sick of getting slushied on a daily basis by morons who don\’t recognise her true talent. She lives in hope that one day she\’ll get the adulation she deserves, from an adoring public&and from handsome jock, Finn. Mercedes, Tina, Kurt and Artie love to sing together but are too afraid of the evil Cheerios to perform in public. When Rachel decides that the Glee Club would benefit from her expertise, the battle begins, both inside and outside the Club!

The book gives us a much better understanding of why the characters act they way they do on the show, in some cases softening our view of them; after reading the book, I liked Rachel a bit more, and found Quinn a lot less annoying! It is written principally from Rachel\’s perspective, but shifts to cover the experiences of other characters as well. It can be a little confusing when we go from being in Tina\’s head to being in Santana\’s (and what different places they are!) in the one scene, but at least that way we have more chance of getting to spend some time with whoever we like best.

The author does well with the hard task of creating any kind of suspense in the book, given that any viewer of the show already know how some things will turn out. For example, Mercedes is starting to hope her best guy friend Kurt might have feelings for her, and Tina and Artie make the first tentative steps towards telling each other how they feel about each other. In the show, we\’ve already watched everyone make their moves!

Some readers might not like to revisit ancient history, but others might like to relive the good old days! In some cases, things are explained which we already know from the show, like why Tina stutters. On the other hand, there are also some little in-jokes, like some of the girls hugging in their underwear (you know who I mean!) I think there are enough interesting insights and secret details for the trivia hounds among us.

Even if you haven\’t watched the program the book still makes sense, and might help you get into the series and understand what all the fuss is about. Glee: The Beginning is easy to read, light and happy and definitely worth reading. If you\’re missing your weekly fix of Glee, this should help keep you going until next season!

If you\’ve ever felt like you don\’t fit in, wanted to find somewhere you could belong, or waited for your time to shine, this book is for you.

Available Now: Hachette RRP $16.99


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