Inside Zara Sydney Store, Fashion Heaven!

| 19 April , 2011 | 15 Replies

This morning I was excited to be invited to the press preview inside the first ZARA store in Australia inside Westfield in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall and it did not disappoint.

The Zara store is three floors, street level (where I’m sure there is going to be a stampede tomorrow morning) is Women’s, downstairs, baby and children (and OMG very stylish children there will be) and upstairs Men’s (I apologise I forgot to take pics of the Men’s area). The store is 1400 square metres of retail space, with six display windows.  The Sydney ZARA store also showcases Zara’s updated store image giving it a more streamlined and elegant look for a better shopping experience and it was so very very neat!

Australia is the 78th country that ZARA has launched into, there will be two drops per week of new pieces, Tuesdays & Thursdays, ZARA are very conscious of not having mass market access to their ranges. Orders are sent to head office twice a week and leave the distribution centre within eight hours and arrive in store within 48 hours … that’s just incredible.

They are incredibly strict with their brand, it’s why they are so successful. Everything comes out of head office, example, all window displays around the globe are approved by head office and communicated out to the stores and they have to follow every instruction. They are such a well-oiled machine!

Location is key for the ZARA store and creating a collection that was suitable to our market hence the long time to get to our shores. Our collections will incorporate key global trends but adapted to our market for our current season (ie. lighter fabrics, etc).  ZARA puts the customer first, so they don’t know what it is we are going to be buying but they will have a good idea after the first week of trading and they will adapt the collections to what we are buying, they don’t expect to get everything right.

Everyone wants to know about pricing, the pricing is AMAZING, a must have camel coat for the season is just $219, a covetable beige trench coat, $119. There’s on-trend shoes galore (I adore the animal print ballet flats) black embellished heels $169, accessories (tan leather bag $219), tanks $15, mix and match pieces, stylish jackets (faux fur jacket $89), trousers, chinos, skinny jeans $39, skirts, dresses ($60), knits, bold brights, neutral colours … there’s just everything there and it’s easier if you just look at all my photos I took for you and trust me on the pricing, our local stores are going to freak!

ZARA opens to the public tomorrow, we are lucky enough to have a cocktail party tonight in the store and are able to do some shopping, I promise to leave some goodies behind for you!

Long weekend trading hours:

  • Wednesday (20th April) – 9.00am – 9.00pm
  • Thursday (21th April) – 9.00am – 9.00pm
  • Friday (22nd April) –  Closed
  • Saturday (23rd April) – 9.00am – 8.00pm
  • Sunday (24th April) – Closed
  • Monday (25th April)- 1.00pm – 7.00pm
  • Tuesday (26th April) – 10.00am – 7.00pm

And for my Melbourne readers, your ZARA store is expected to open around the end of June on Bourke Street mall in the CBD, and your store is going to be BIGGER than Sydney, you get 1700 square metres, we only get 1400 … so not too long for you to wait!

Enjoy and have fun shopping!

All photos were taken on the Samsung NX100 camera which is on loan to me, blurry photos are courtesy of the photographer, not the camera, I was just so excited, I kept forgetting to check what the photo looked like!

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    Of course it’s not rude to ask, no there’s no online store. Do you have any friends here in Sydney that could help you? There is a high turnover of stock so the shoes you are after may have already disappeared.
    You could phone the store and ask?

  2. Min says:

    I apologise if this sounds rude or out of place but would anyone know of any “assisting purchasers” based in Sydney that would ship to Melbourne? I am urgently in need of a pair of shoes from Zara and reading the above comments, there’s no online shop?

  3. Just when I was lamenting I could not shop the ZARA online collection, I stumbled on this instead! Will zip to ZARA’s asap in my tatty brogues (which I hope to replace with those of ZARA’s, fingers crossed!). Also, can anyone tell me the approx. cost of those delicious pink blazers with gold buttons? Thanks!

  4. Sassi Sam says:

    Hey Helen,
    Nice to hear from you … lucky you, now we can’t be smug about our Zara purchases 🙁
    Hope you’re having fun.
    Sam xx

  5. Helen says:

    Hey Sam, It’s helen from tFS. Great review thank god the prices wherent effected >.< I'm overseas atm and stocked up on Zara here too 🙂

  6. Sassi Sam says:

    No online website at this stage and all that’s been confirmed is Sydney and Melbourne.
    Fingers crossed for all the other states.

  7. rose says:

    what about adelaide, will there be a Zara opening up here? And will there be an online website?

  8. Lucky ducks, am stuck in Brisvegas… but there’s talk of Zara taking over the soon-to-be-empty Borders. 3 floors of shopping love 🙂 My dream could come true…..

  9. Kellie says:

    Fantastic post and absolutely rapt that the price point is so good!

  10. Vanessa says:

    Thinking of visiting Sydney just to shop.. can’t wait til the June!!

  11. “I apologise I forgot to take pics of the Men\’s area” – wouldn’t we all if surrounded by that Zara goodness! 🙂
    Great post, SO glad I no longer have to get on an international flight to buy Zara – yay!!

  12. Sassi Sam says:

    I can’t believe you’re not here love !!!! Hurry home, you will shop up a storm.

  13. The colours! ARGH! I’m in absolute *heaven*! I can’t wait to go shopping, thanks for sharing the gorgeous preview with us, Sam!

  14. says:

    Great post Sam! Can’t wait to get back to Sydney and shop shop shop! xx

  15. Punky Moz says:

    Squeeeee! I am so excited that I think I am going to be sick…

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