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Tina Gamble

We first met Violet Ambrose in Kimberly Derting\’s, The Body Finder. Violet is a girl with a very unique ability; not only can she sense echoes of the dead, but she can find their imprints still present on the killers&

In Derting\’s follow up book, Desires of the Dead, Violet and her best friend, Jay, are now dating. Though things aren\’t going quite the way Violet wants, with the addition of Jay\’s new friend, Mike. The boys have a bromance going on, and Violet\’s feeling a little left out. And if that isn\’t bad enough, Mike\’s sister, Megan seems to have developed a bit of crush on Jay.

On a girl\’s trip with Chelsea into the city, Violet senses something, or rather& someone, dead on a container ship. Not sure what to do, she calls the police from a payphone and leaves an anonymous tip.

But when her tip pans out, and the police find the body of a young boy in a container, Violet soon finds herself on the radar of a very persistent FBI consultant.

In this book, we see more of Violet\’s other friends, in particular, Chelsea. She\’s laugh out loud funny; the kind of friend who speaks without thinking, and on the outset she seems really tough, but you always know there\’s something more going on underneath. And though we got a quick glimpse of her in The Body Finder, we now get to have a bit of a closer look.

There are also some new players in town, FBI consultant Sara Priest and the deliciously elusive, Rafe. If the story and characters weren\’t already addictive enough, then you need to prepare yourself for a new twist. And one I\’m definitely looking forward to reading more about.

Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting is a fantastic addition to any bookshelf. Romance, mystery and a hint of the paranormal. There are some great characters, fun dialogue and plenty of creepy, scary and thrilling moments. It is suspense at it\’s finest. Packed into a solid story of a girl, with a very remarkable gift.

Available Now: Hachette RRP $14.99


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