Cameron Diaz: “Bad Teacher” in Maxim Magazine June 2011

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In tribute to Cameron Diaz new film coming out “Bad Teacher” Cammy is on the cover and inside Maxim Magazine’s June 2011 issue photographed by Gavin Bond. I just had to share, we need something light fluffy and funny ’cause inside Cam shares on girl crushes, dry humping, and having a potty mouth.

How foulmouthed are you in real life? I\’m the worst. I\’m trying to cut back. 

Ever been caught smoking pot in the car like your character? Oh, sure! I\’ve definitely been like, “Throw it out! Throw it out!”

You have a dry-humping scene with Justin Timberlake. Got any tips for an effective dry hump? Well, you have to have the right clothing—you don\’t want anything rough that causes chafing. And there has to be a lot of contact. It\’s a full-body sport, like a wrestling match. One should dry-hump as much as possible. It leads to great things. I\’d prescribe at least once per day. What\’s also nice about dry humping is that it can happen anywhere.

Got any girl crushes? Mila Kunis is a little hottie. Natalie Portman is amazing&and the Victoria\’s Secret girls!

Maxim released their Hot 100 list this week, you can check out the list here.  You’ve gotta love Cameron, she doesn’t take herself seriously and that’s what I need this morning!

You can check out the rest of her interview at Maxim Magazine’s website.

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