On the Red Carpet with Reese Witherspoon & Robert Pattinson for Water for Elephants, Sydney Premiere

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A Stampede of Stars at the Sydney Premiere of Water for Elephants
By Keeva Stratton

Thousands had gathered, many waiting for hours, and some even days, simply to catch a glimpse of Twilight superstar, Robert Pattinson, at the Sydney premiere of Water for Elephants, and he didn\’t disappoint. Having moved slowly and generously through the crowds, pausing frequently to sign autographs and pose for photos with weeping fans, we were there to hear his thoughts on making the film.

It would seem that for a young man whose life has been forever changed by fame, the film offered him a unique chance to really get back to nature.

Pattinson told us: ‘The best thing about the film: I think just being able to get out in the open. So many films are on sets, and to be in the desert and with the beautiful animals all around and just working with the best people who are in film right now, it was great.\’

When asked if he ever gets tired of people taking advantage of his fame (such as the recent ‘app\’ that uncovers his location), he coolly replied: ‘It\’s more just annoying, they can be parasites\’.

Pattinson\’s charm is in his willingness to not take it all too seriously, and female fans will be happy to know that he is just as charismatic in person as he is onscreen.

Joining Robert on Australia\’s longest red carpet, was the very cute Reese Witherspoon (wearing a Zac Posen dress and Christian Louboutin shoes). She too had enjoyed working with the animals, but certainly was not fooled by their cute façade.

‘There were no horror stories, but they\’re wild animals… Like zebras are beautiful and you want to touch them, but if they get loose they can kick you and hurt you. You have to be very careful\’, Reese said.

Well-known model Erika Heynatz was also there, fresh from Fashion Week, looking absolutely stunning in a tangerine Rachel Gilbert mini-dress. She was happy to talk to us at about her own fan moment:

‘I\’m a huge Robert Pattinson fan, ever since Twilight I love, love, love, Robert, and he\’s why I\’ve come out here tonight.\’

Despite the super-long red carpet, and the long wait for fans, the night was a success all round—and a multitude of fans are certain to go home deliriously happy, having captured a precious memento of their brief encounter with R-Pat.

Brilliant photography by Jeff Marsh, who brazed the media pit for us all.  You can visit his website here to see his work: www.jeffmarshphotography.com.au


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