RAFW 2011: Backstage Beauty at Bowie Couture “Paper Cranes”

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When you think bridal gowns and sophisticated evening wear, you don’t picture towering hairdos with enough hairspray to last you a lifetime. Well, unless you’re a goth bride out of a Vampire movie getting ready for a dress-up.

But at Bowie’s finale show at RAFW, the escalated hair and geisha-inspired make-up definitely proved every bride to-be wrong. The couturier created a fantasy on the runway by envisioning a modern and carefree woman who isn’t afraid to break the conventional boundaries of evening wear.

He didn’t just achieve that through his exquisite collection, but also with the help of his beauty and hair team.

Hair Director, Kenneth Stoddart, told us that he broke not one but several rules while creating this look for Bowie’s couture collection.

“The thing with the white dresses in the collection is that they can look bridal and we didn’t want it to look bridal at all. I’m trying to make it look bad. Over the last few years, we have seen hair with lots of products and volume and we always think that is bad. Here, I’m purposely doing that. I’m seeing it from contemporary and modern eyes,” he says.

The structured, textured and extremely blown-up hair wasn’t the ideal definition of ‘pretty’, and neither was it trying to be. This fantasy hairdo was bigger and higher than what we’ve seen all week in RAFW. The high narrow and wide shapes were everything but feminine and delicate. The theatrical aspect of the hair was an extremely contrast to the collection, adding to the success of the show.

How he did it:

  1. Prepare with the hair with Moroccan Oil styling cream to hydrate the scalp.
  2. Crimp individual strands so the hair doesn’t collapse when teased.
  3. Tease the life out every hair strand.
  4. Bring it all together to any shape/size and secure with bobby pins.
  5. Spray Moroccan Oil spray to hold it all together.

But, that’s not all. Stoddart had a little secret behind the hair looking stiff as a board and still retaining its shiny aspect. “Spray the hairspray using a hair dryer, so it forms a shiny crust on the outer layer of the hair. It will look condition. It’s a vision and not a reality,” he says.

Told you he crossed boundaries!

As for the make-up, every model was made to look like a modern age geisha. Intense cherry red lips, pale white face and dulled down brows, helped achieve that.

What a brilliant way to end the fashion-packed week. Taking everyone to Oriental Heaven!

In case you missed it, check out Bowie’s fashion show in action!

Photos courtesy of Ichiro Taniguchi from www.modalsoulphoto.com


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