DVD Review: The Tourist (2010)

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Keeva Stratton

Directed By: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
Starring: Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp

The mysterious thief Alexander, on the run for two years, has the British secret service in a tizz. To find him, they are keeping tabs on his former lover, the beautiful Elise (Jolie), in the hope that she may lead them to him. Elise has waited patiently for Alexander, and is guided through couriered notes that instruct her path in a rendezvous back to him. One such instruction asks her to board a train to Venice and sit with a gentleman who is of similar height and build so as to provide a red herring for the secret service closely on her tail. She picks Frank (Depp) – as, let\’s face it, we all would. The unsuspecting maths teacher and tourist, Frank, is then thrust into a wild game of cat and mouse as he is mistaken for being a world-class thief.

The self-deprecating Depp is lovable as the affable comic foil and off-beat love interest, and Jolie is as sultry and stylish as ever. In a genre mixer that could be argued to be a camp take on the spy genre, an overzealous romance or all out spoof, it\’s hard to articulate what it is about The Tourist that makes the film such enjoyable viewing, but enjoyable it is indeed. No doubt the charm extravaganza of the pairing of Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, set against the illustrious background of Venice, provides a key component of the film\’s exuberance.

Like a light-hearted Bond for a female audience, The Tourist is fun, sexy and deliciously tongue-in-cheek – the perfect movie for a girls\’ night in.

The Tourist is available on DVD on May 4.


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