Movie Review: Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil (2011)

| 11 May , 2011 | Reply

Keeva Stratton

Directed By: Mike Disa
Starring: Hayden Panettiere, Glenn Close, Mark Warburton, Joan Cusack

While Red is away in a secret sisterhood training camp, the HEA Agents (Happy Ever After) Wolf and Granny set out to rescue Hansel and Gretel from a wicked witch.  Despite the Wolf\’s quick-thinking, Granny gets taken hostage and it soon becomes obvious that they now need Red more than ever.

When Red returns and joins the search for Granny, it is revealed that there is more at stake than first thought; with an ancient recipe that holds the secret to unbeatable power having also been stolen. It\’s a race against time and evil as the unlikely pairing of Red and Wolf must once again combine to help battle the fairytale forces of evil.

Like many modern animations, a blend of tongue-in-cheek adult humour is used throughout to carry this playful plot across the generations. The film is fun and fast—at just under an hour and a half, it is perfectly measured to keep adults and kids well pleased.

For the adults, this warped whirlwind takes you from Kung Fu style training camps to the most unexpected-yet-delightful Silence of the Lambs reference I\’ve seen yet. Those who paid careful attention were rewarded with a fabulous vocal cameo by Heidi Klum, who plays totally against type as one of the Yodellers. And while the adults were amused, the kids were entranced by the spunk of these sassy superheros.

A fun family-friendly treat, Hoodwinked Too! is out now.


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