Review: The Fragment of Dreams, Phillipa Fioretti

| 11 May , 2011 | Reply

Rosanna Beatrice Stevens

After dating for three months, William, an ancient artifact dealer, and Lily, the owner of an antiquarian bookshop, seem to have an almost cliché future ahead of them; jet setting from Sydney to Italy to live, marry, and indulge in the glamour of European life.

But before they leave the country, the simultaneous discovery of Lily\’s long-lost cousin and an ancient Roman artefact in Lily\’s uncle\’s back garden sends plans awry: the artefact goes missing, and Lily\’s cousin accuses William of the theft. What comes next divulges the dark and lavish lives of Lily\’s family, as Lily travels to Naples to discover more about her mysterious cousin, and prove William innocent.

The Fragment of Dreams is the kind of read that compliments a drizzly afternoon with a knit throw warming your legs and a tub of ice-cream resting in the nook between your curled thighs and the armrest of your couch. Delicious, light (unlike your ice-cream), and vivid, you can\’t help but find yourself swept up in Lily\’s family detective work, complimented author Phillipa Fioretti\’s artful splash of fashion and Italian culture on the side.

Fioretti has married a sultry and brooding plot with the down-to-earth sensibility of that determined, cosmopolitan-yet-street smart woman we can all identify with.

Available Now: Hachette RRP $24.99


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