Review: When My Husband Does the Dishes, Kerri Sackville

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Diane Sexton

“My family delight, frustrate, enrich and exhaust me. And I look forward to them doing so for the rest of my life.”

I have to start the review of Kerri Sackville’s memoir with that quote, otherwise you may be forgiven for thinking that the author has nothing positive to say about her family.

When My Husband Does the Dishes is a witty, insightful, at times positively dark, and at times amusing and refreshingly superficial examination of the ways motherhood and marriage redefine the modern woman. Kerri’s book is structured into small packages, ideal for dipping in and out (as you wrestle your way through modern motherhood/married life) in your free moments. It’s also very rewarding to realise that in fact, you probably are not the first person to find your family winning out over your principles – of cleanliness, nutrition, better judgement .

This is not a book for new mums, newlyweds, or mums-or-brides-to-be. This is for those who have Been There. Done That. Got The T-Shirt. (And especially for anyone who went back for more t-shirts.) Those others might find it a little scary! But if you’ve ever fallen in love all over again when watching your sleeping child after an attack of toddler-dom, or you’ve helped your husband survive Man-Flu, or even if you’re just managing the hold-it-together part of “household” while juggling children, husbands and bunnies, then you will see yourself somewhere in this book.

If, as a modern mum, you have the time to sit down and read this book in one sitting no doubt you will find yourself thinking it isn’t really quite as bad as Kerri makes it out to be.  However if, as is more likely, you find yourself picking this book up in a precious few moments to yourself, you will come across reassuring anecdotes that put your problems, if not into perspective, at least into reality. And for the modern dads – this is definitely one you will want to sneak aside from Her when you get a moment. You may find some alarming truths about the way women perceive shopping, housework, and yes – the dishes. If you’ve been waiting for the definitive commentary on modern family life – this might just be it.

Check out our interview with Kerri here.

Available Now: Random House RRP $32.95


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