Lara Bingle: Breaks Her Silence about Her Littering Habits

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Lara Bingle has joined Derryn Hinch, John Jarratt, Nick Giannopolous, Russell Gilbert and Tania Zaetta in a campaign to help Keep Australia Beautiful by sharing their “littering habits” via a fictitious group called Litterers Anonymous.

The new anti-littering campaign aims to lift the profile of littering problems in Australia and will see Keep Australia Beautiful promoting the Litterers Anonymous ‘One Step Program\’ which is simply to ‘use the bin\’.

Although their stories are fictitious they aim to highlight the real life habits of litterers, as research shows that many people don\’t own up to littering and that there are a range of littering ‘types\’.

Studies have found that there are large differences between the way people reported and described their behaviour, and their actual behaviour. In one study, nearly half of the people observed littering only minutes earlier denied they had done so.

The Litterers Anonymous campaign hopes to make people more accountable for their actions and remind people to use the bin – and the right bin – given the growing number of recycling bins now also available in public places.

Derryn Hinch plays the role of a group moderator who is consistently frustrated by the hapless littering antics of his co-stars. Lara is “outed” as a littering addict by the paparazzi, while Nick Giannopolous is relapsing from his litter addiction for the second time.  John Jarratt is a serial litterer at movie theatres, Russell Gilbert is trying his hardest to use the right bin, whilst Tania Zaetta can\’t work out if she is illiterate or a litterer.

Which Litterer are you?

  • Wedgers – people who stuff disposable objects into small spaces where they will not be seen, such as behind a seat
  • Undertakers – people who bury disposable objects under sand or leaves
  • Foul shooters – people who aim for the bin but miss, and leave the object on the ground.

Watch the video:

You can see more at Litters Anonymous Website: or visit Keep Australia Beautiful website for more:

Now put it in the bin, it’s not hard!

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