Review: Get Low (2009)

| 24 May , 2011 | Reply

Keeva Stratton

Directed by: Aaron Schneider
Starring: Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, Bill Murray, Lucas Black

Felix Bush (Duvall) is a name that strikes fear into many a heart of the local townsfolk. For forty years he has lived in a self-enforced reclusion, which has allowed rumours to abound, and urban myths of unspeakable evils to be associated with his name. When a close friend of his dies, Bush realises that his own time is rapidly running out, and this self-reflection, as well as a desire to hear what the town actually thinks of him, inspires a wild idea for him to host his own living funeral.

Based on the American legend of a man who hosted his own funeral in the 1930s, Get Low is a sharply written and deftly acted piece that showcases to aplomb some of Hollywood\’s finest acting talent. It is a character film. The plot is simple, the outcome predictable, but the characters are so engaging you become drawn into their lives to generous satisfaction.

Robert Duvall invests the character of Felix Bush with a deeply engaging charm, and he was deservingly awarded the Hollywood Award for Best Actor in October 2010. Bill Murray, as the funeral director Frank Quinn, is utterly superb. His comedic timing and devilish wit carries this morbid tale to a rich and rewarding place. Lucas Black, playing Quinn\’s protégé and moral foil, is also convincing—and, if this role is a taste of things to come, Black will no doubt be someone to watch out for in future. Sissy Spacek (playing a local widow, Mattie Darrow) adds her acting prowess to a cast that is as strong and as special as its main character himself.

At first, the plot and setting seemed a little obscure for my taste, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that Get Low was high on entertainment. This is a small film that deserves a big audience, and will be appreciated by those from 18 to 80. I laughed (a lot) and even cried—you simply could not help but be touched by this beautifully rendered tale.

Get Low is showing on limited release from May 26; make the effort and you will be well and truly rewarded.


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