Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Complex Magazine June/July 2011

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley continues her trajectory outside Victoria’s Secret and is now on her promo duties for Transformers and she owns the cover of Complex magazine\’s June/July 2011 issue. Photographed by Sheryl Nields, styled By Danielle Nachmani wearing a Julien MacDonald jacket on the cover.

Inside she shares:

Working hard: “That is one thing I\’m really thankful for. I\’ve had nine years of working before this kind of movie happened to me. I\’m really glad I\’ve had struggles in my career. When success finally hits you, it helps put things in perspective. We\’re so small. You see these kids get success straight away or they grew up with it, and I feel for them \’cause how do they gauge any sense of reality?”

Working with Michael Bay: “Michael was great. We shot a commercial in 2009 for Victoria\’s Secret, that\’s where we met. Then he sent me an email last summer. He said, “I\’d like to put you on tape for this role for Transformers.” I figured it was going to be a small role, or an extra. I didn\’t jump on the idea, but I believe you should always take a meeting, so I went to the casting and went on tape. A couple days later, Michael sent me a message saying, “We want you for the female lead, is that something you\’d consider?” I met Shia that evening, then a week later I was doing a screen test, and two weeks after that I was doing my first scene. So it happened really, really quick.”

Running in heels: “Yeah, I had to get really fast for this role. We closed down all these major streets in Chicago. We shut them down for weeks at a time, and I had to run, a lot, and in heels.”

Watch the video:

To read the complete interview Complex Magazine’s website.

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