Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern Sporting a Milk Mustache

| 26 May , 2011 | Reply

The Green Lantern Movie is getting into the Milk Mustache craze releasing this poster of Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern sporting a milk mustache, titled “Join the Corps: Green Lantern Lights Up With the Super Powers of Milk.”

Green Lantern wants you to know you don’t need to have a power ring or lantern to have the strength and lean muscle of a superhero. Along with exercise, the high-quality protein in lowfat milk can help give you extraordinary power to build, maintain and repair your muscles.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way. See what milk’s protein can do for your muscles at LanternWorthy.com.”

Visit their facebook page Facebook.com/BodyByMilk and you can also see if you have what it takes to join the Green Lantern Corps at www.LanternWorthy.com.

As I keep saying I love this campaign and wish we had a local one!

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