Review: Sweet Valley Confidential, Francine Pascal

| 27 May , 2011 | Reply

Patrick Geale

Sweet Valley, California is a beautiful place for the beautiful people, in which being glamorous and successful is the prerequisite for all other pursuits. Picking up this book took me back to my youth with a rush, interested to see how the lives of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield had developed in the last ten years. Admittedly, I\’d never read a book by Pascal until now, only following the 1990\’s television series, however, the book falls short of anything that the screen captured.

Pascal switches back and forth often, from the persona of Elizabeth to Jessica as a means of telling the story, changing her writing style in vein to convey their personalities, and in doing so fails to set a consistent pace to tell the story. We\’re led to believe that some great tragedy has unfolded, splitting the sisters up, yet the canny reader will realise the goings on within the first few pages and the book meanders slowly for the most part, and then rushes to a predictable conclusion.

In light of my criticism, Sweet Valley Confidential does have its place, if you can disregard the faults listed previously. It is the perfect novel for sitting in some heady, tropical location, sipping a Cosmo and soaking up the warmth of the sun, forgetting the everyday responsibilities of home, even just for a while.

Available now, HarperCollins RRP$32.99


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