DKNY Be Delicious Juiced, Two New Limited Edition Fragrances

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This year, DKNY Be Delicious introduces two new delicious limited edition versions into their iconic Be Delicious fragrance family BE DELICIOUS JUICED, the succulent nectar extract of a New York apple and FRESH BLOSSOM JUICED, the sugar-rich dew crushed from flowers.

Dripping with signature Deliciousness, each JUICED fragrance provides a bright burst of freshness and light to energize your spirit.

DKNY Be Delicious Juiced is a blend of ripe apples and watery fruits. Juicy New York apples lie at the heart, surrounded by a flirty dose of pear blossom and golden mango nectar. Muguet and white peony add a vivid floracy, complimented by violet petals. The drydown is a sheer wave of creamy woods and white amber to finish the cool refreshment.

DKNY Fresh Blossom Juiced is a medley of just-picked blossoms and petals. The all-pink scent starts with pink grapefruit, bright freesias, fruity cassis and passion flower. It\’s a light, fresh scent. At the heart is an apple, embraced by lily of the valley, pink rose petals and sweet pea. Palisander wood, vetiver mist and white musks add the ultimate soft under layer.

Donna wants you to get juiced and has shared this personal message and favourite well being juice with us:

“Eating well is a gift you give yourself. Because if you nourish the body, you nourish the soul. You have energy and keep the weight off effortlessly. Most importantly, you empower your immune system and ward off a myriad illnesses. My friend Jill Pettijohn introduced me to raw foods. The philosophy is simple: rejuvenate cells through food that has its life force intact. Meaning instead of eating empty or destructive calories, eat living calories that serve your body, such as greens, nuts, seeds, grains and fruit — raw, organic foods that are in their whole state and never heated above 108 degrees to keep their enzymes intact. Jill\’s food is delicious. For me, her green juice is  simply a way of life. I have it everyday and swear by it. It\’s a great way to start the day and arm your body, whatever your usual diet. Try it once and you\’ll be hooked. Enjoy.” Donna Karan

3 organic apples
1 stick celery
1 cup spinach leaves or kale
1 inch ginger root
½ fennel bulb
½ cup parsley
½ cucumber
1 tablespoon tocotrienols*
1 tablespoon of your favourite nutrient/mineral powder (Nature\’s First Food is a great one)
1 teaspoon flaxseed oil
About 6 nuts (I prefer macadamias)
Pass the first set of ingredients through a juicer. Place in a blender. Add the remaining ingredients. Blend, taking care to leave nuts chunky for a bit of crunch.
*Tocotrienols, powerful vitamin E derivatives, are anti-oxidants

Each scent comes packaged in a 50ml sized iconic Be Delicious apple bottle, with an RRP$65 for 30ml and RRP$90 for 50ml and is available now from Myer, David Jones and The Perfume Connection.

Ahhh, refreshing!

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