New: L\’Oreal\’s Lash Architect 4D False Lash Mascara

| 7 June , 2011 | 2 Replies

Mascara … the little black dress of your make up kit and perhaps the greatest gift the Ancient Egyptians have given to the style hungry. With the growing popularity of false eyelashes on catwalks and streets alike, L\’Oreal\’s Lash Architect 4D False Lash mascara does a pretty good job of giving the allusion of 15 arduous minutes of effort, (which, lets be honest, most of the time results in glue on your fingertips and slightly skewed lash lines) with the lovely L’Oreal Ambassador, Milla Jovovich as the face of the product.

The formula itself is composed of extra long rigid fibres made of nylon; the material used to make fake lashes and will give an immediate volumising effect using the thin elongated brush shape. The unique brush design creates a more even distribution than rigid, non-flexible brushes and its curved dimension helps in achieving that really curly effect and even distribution. Added to the formula is a new texturising agent so that lashes look bigger and bolder.

This is a quick, easy, cheap and effective mascara for creating instant volume. It\’s great for a night-time look with heavier dramatic eyes or for the day with nude lips. I had to be careful when first using it getting used to the long straight brush, I felt like I was going to poke my eye out.  And no my lashes did not look like the advert, I very much wish, but it did create a volumising effect to them and I like how it went on evenly and the pointy end of the brush tip allows you to get into the corners of your eye.  But the brush gets a bit clumpy from the fibres and texturising agent which can create a clumping effect on the lashes so you have to clean it regularly.  Good buy otherwise!

L\’Oreal\’s Lash Architect 4D False Lash mascara is RRP$29.95 and is available in black and brown at selected pharmacies and department stores now.

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  1. tea says:

    Lash Architect is probably my most repurchased makeup item…cant wait to have a look in the flesh!

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