Tracey Emin Collaborates with Banjo & Matilda for Annual Charity Sweater Project

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The controversial, confronting and artistic British artist Tracey Emin, has been named as the new celebrity collaborator for Australian knitwear label Banjo & Matilda\’s 2011 charity sweater project. With Emin carrying on the design project, $100 for each sweater bought will be donated to the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT), an organisation in the forefront in the fight against HIV.

Made from 100% cashmere, three separate designs have been created by Emin in Ivory and Black yarns, each one inspired by the following artworks:

  1. It\’s the Way We Think (2004), appliqué blanket – the Eiffel Tower focal point of the appliqué has been translated to the boat-neck cashmere sweater using intarsia embroidery techniques. With Paris themed accessories and collections still popping up on catwalks (thanks to Sex and the City and Carrie’s Paris shaped handbag).
  2. Something I\’ve Always Been Afraid of (2002), appliqué blanket – now part of the personal art collection of Sir Elton John, the words ‘Peace of Mind\’ have been taken from this artwork and feature on the back of the cashmere cardigan. The artwork is an expression of Emin’s loss of faith in the Unites States and is as warm as it is politically rebellious.
  3. I Do Not Expect (2002), appliqué blanket – owned by the Art Gallery of NSW\’s private collection, the quirky text of ‘She Went Out Like a 40 Watt Bulb\’, is featured on the back of the cashmere cardigan and refers to an artwork that expresses remorse about the loss of youth and time.

The three Tracey Emin sweaters are available exclusively online at now. Each sweater will come with an exclusive Tracey Emin designed drawstring bag, with one of her artworks screen-printed on the bag and wrapped in custom-made Banjo & Matilda boxes. For more information on the Terrence Higgins Trust visit

Photo Credit: Nick Morrish, British Airways

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