New Duo Sculpting Blush & Mascara from the L’Oreal Studio Secrets Collection

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L’Oreal’s revolutionary new range ‘Studio Secrets Professional‘ launched in 2009 and changed the game for make-up artists, models and every cosmetic user with a pharmaceutical budget and department store taste. Created in close collaboration with Make-Up Artist to the stars James Kaliardos and brand ambassador Linda Evangelista, the range allows woman at home to use the same techniques as make up artists.

The three new products from ‘Studio Secrets Collection‘ are although at first somewhat challenging to get the hang of are more than worth the effort, ’cause you’re worth it!

L\’Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Duo Sculpting Blush

Ever notice how in high fashion advertisements and beauty campaigns, models have that incredible definition in their make-up? With the duo blush sculpting you can bring out your own natural beauty with the power of contouring! By applying contrasting colours to the cheeks, the powder can sculpt your face and highlight your bone structure. Just apply the lighter shade to the upper cheeks and the darker shade to the lower cheeks to lift cheek bones and create a professional make-up look. Application is fast, even and easy!

Handy hint:  Every girl looking for a professional make up application needs to have the right brush set. For this product it’s best to use an angled brush, preferably made of goat hair rather than nylon as a heavier application is needed.

L\’Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Mascara Primer Base

The second new product is the Mascara Primer Base. For model shoots and runway shows, models eyes need to look bigger and more intense so that the back row can know that they’re only almost human. L’Oreal simplifies this technique  with an expert formula that contains fibres that attach to lashes. Yes girls, its brush on fake lashes. No glue and eye poking necessary. Similar to L’Oreal’s 4D lash effect and Model Co’s fibre lashes, this product ensures length and volume. With a more durable brush than the 4D lash effect and less cottony formula than the Model Co, you won’t be unhappy with the results. It’s ideal for applying under all types of mascara and once protected, the lashes resist against aggression from repeated make-up application and removal.

Handy Hint: Use make up remover with this one…rubbing at loose fibres with wet fingertips isn’t good for sensitive eyeballs.

L\’Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Professional 90\’ Easy Mascara

The third and most simple new product is the 90 degree easy mascara! It’s quite simple really, to ensure you can brush right from the root to the tip, the unique brush bends at the stem at a ninety degree angle  for optimal lash results. The formula contains volumising guma and natural waxes while the gliding silicone complex assists in easy application. As if that wasn’t enough, the formula also contains Ceramide R and Pro Vitamin B5 and-wait for it-is actually good for your lashes.

Handy Hint: Don’t pump the brush! As you shouldn’t do anyway but very important with this one. Be gentle and take the brush out slowly so you get an even distraction of the formula over the brush. Then angle up and watch the magic!

New L’Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Duo Sculpting Blush, Mascara Primer Base and 90° Easy Mascara are available from Priceline stores now, for your nearest stockist call 1300 659 259.

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