Dove & Priceline Celebrate Everyday Women\’s Beauty

| 14 June , 2011 | Reply

Emily Cantrill

Celebrating the a la naturale side of beauty, Dove in collaboration with Priceline announced the four new faces of the Dove Real Beauty Campaign at a glitzy event held at The Argyle in Sydney. [Editor’s Note: Sassi hates the term ‘real’ it creates an unnecessary divide … every person no matter who they are, what they look like or what profession they are in are ‘real’.]

In true Dove style, the search began with real women working at Priceline, taking them from behind the counter to in front of the camera. A group of 20 finalists were flown to Sydney for their cover girl experience, which included hair, makeup and a photo shoot with Christopher Walsh. An expert panel of judges then selected the four winning faces.

The finalists all looked gorgeous on the night and their excitement at participating in a glamorous event like this was indisputable. Kate, one of the four winners commented:

“I never thought anything like this would happen to me. One minute I\’m working at my Priceline store, and the next minute I\’m here in Sydney being treated like an absolute star! I feel amazing!”

Barry Clare, Marketing Manager Skin Cleansing – Dove said:

“Celebrating women\’s real beauty has been paramount to Dove, and this provided another way for Dove to speak to women and inspire them to celebrate how beautiful they are. The talent search also allowed for Priceline staff members to have greater knowledge of Dove products and therefore greater confidence in advising other Australian women on real beauty.”

The four winners, Kate Mitchell, Natalie Marino, Karen Ciantar and Cabriela Ruz will be photographed and included in advertising throughout magazines and Priceline stores and windows for the rest of the year.


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