Film Review: Happy, Happy

| 14 June , 2011 | Reply

Keeva Stratton

Directed by: Anne Sewitsky
Starring: Agnes Kittelsen, Joachin Rafaelsen

When a couple rent a home on a remote property shared by the ever effervescent Kaja and her husband, they soon find that the isolation puts their respective relationships under a microscope. What is revealed reflects the inherent need for love, sex and truth—just not all in the ways you might expect.

From naked snow romps to calamitous church choir performances, this delightful film is funny, joyous and refreshingly real. It approaches so many common relationship quandaries with an admirably light touch, and demonstrates that love and sex are only ever as defining as those who make them so.

As the World Cinema Grand Jury prize-winner at this year\’s Sundance Film Festival, it is no wonder that this small international film was able to attract big laughs from its Australian audience. A sexy comedy for grown-ups, Happy, Happy will certainly leave you smiling.

Happy, Happy is showing as part of the Sydney Film Festival. For more information visit



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