Film Review: Little White Lies (2010)

| 15 June , 2011 | Reply

Keeva Stratton

Directed by: Guilluame Canet
Starring: Marion Cotillard, Francois Cluzet

When a group of friends, about to embark on their annual beachside vacation, hears that one of the group has had a terrible accident, leaving him in intensive care, there is division as to whether they should go or stay.

When they finally decide to go, they soon realise that the intense time spent together is less about relaxing than it is about reminiscing—and soon long-standing tensions begin to surface, and for many members of the group the time to make decisions in life and love seems immediate.

Little White Lies is both a beautiful and poignant film. It explores the dynamics of friendships, relationships, aging and life, with a simple yet affective touch. The characters are engaging as they invite you on their own journey of reflection and self-assessment, and the narrative is well served by its honest sense of humour. The chemistry between the cast is fantastic and Cotillard\’s performance as Marie (in her native French) is delectable.

This is a film that deals with life\’s transitions. And it does so in a way that will resonate with many. Part of the appeal of French film-making is its ability to resist unrealistic stereotypes, and its departure from Hollywood\’s formula of ‘perfect people in imperfect circumstances\’ makes the experience for the viewer that much more pertinent.

A fabulous French take on friendship, love and life, Little White Lies is, quite simply, a wonderfully enjoyable film.

Little White Lies is in cinemas from June 16.


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