Let There Be Light with Benefit’s new b.right! Radiant Skincare

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Cult cosmetic house Benefit have just launched a new range of skin care products, b.right! Radiant Skincare. Featuring luxurious moisturisers, cleansers and a specialty eye cream and hydrating mist, the light weight formulas are said to make your skin so radiant, you\’ll need a dimmer switch!

We caught up with Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson from Benefit to discuss their new range, their first visit to Australia and upcoming skincare trends for Spring/Summer 2011.

Is this your first trip to Australia? If so, what have you loved about it so far? If not, what do you love about it anyway?

Annie: yes this is our first trip. I honestly love EVERYTHING.  I think that if I could live anywhere besides, San Francisco  it would be Sydney!  The beautiful water, the bridge, the cleanliness, and of course Bondi is spectacular!

What was your first job?

Maggie: Straight after graduating university in Boston I spent 5 years working for a leading marketing firm in New York City.

Annie: Straight out of College I worked in our boutique on Chestnut Street for 7 months then joined corporate.

Are you trained make-up artists or just make up and beauty addicts from growing up with Benefit?

Annie: The latter. We are not trained makeup artists, but growing up with the brand has taught us everything a beauty junky needs to know!

What would you be doing if you weren\’t involved with Benefit?

Maggie: Hmmm I love to cook so possibly a professional chef!

Annie: Hmmm this is tough& probably interior design?  I love to be creative and I am super visual& I also have a sick addiction to shopping for things for my apartment.

Three favourite Benefit products?

Maggie: Benetint, the POREessional and It\’s Potent Eye Cream (from the new b.right! Radiant skincare range).

Annie: BrowZings, Cha Cha Tint and our Triple Performing Facial Emulsion (from the new b.right! Radiant skincare range).

Favourite fragrance?

Maggie: A new addition to Crescent Row which is launching here in Australia in August, stay tuned!

Annie: Crescent Row Laugh with me Leelee

Top 3 make up tips?

Maggie: Don\’t be afraid to use your fingers when applying makeup. As long as they are clean they will be the best tools you will ever own! And always wear sunscreen, it\’s never too late to start adding SPF to your daily beauty regime.

Annie: Always blend, blend, blend, blend!  When you blend, blend in an upward motion&gravity is not our friends gals we need to fight it!  Drink a lot of water.  Hydrated skin speaks volumes.

What other brands do you love and use?

Annie / Maggie: We both love fresh body products.

Have you worked with celebrities? If so, who have you loved working with?

Annie: Maggie and I spend most of our time working with our customers, but celebrities have a huge Benefit obsession, we are constantly sending out our products to their makeup artists.

Upcoming make up trends for SS11? How do the trends come about?

Annie: Trends trickle down from the runway and by the time they hit us normal gals they become wearable.  I am seeing a lot of coral right now and I love it! Which is perfect for Cha Cha Tint mango cheek and lip color!

Maggie: Bright and pretty colours that are popular for this spring/summer have been influential on our seasonal colour stories. We do three to four seasonal collections a year, but we prefer Benefit products to last for years. Fashions and trends change but beauty problems remain the same and that where Benefit differs from other beauty brands. Women will always need to conceal, brighten and highlight and they want instant fixes.

Tell me about the Skincare range? How\’d it come about and what\’s to love about it?

Annie: Our skincare range is a collection of eight products that focus on hydrating and brightening.  Benefit is known for its brightening products and the best way to get bright skin is to have hydrated skin! This range is for women on all ages and skin types and works incredibly well WITH MAKEUP! My fave is It\’s Potent Eye Cream and Triple Performing Facial Emulsion!

Maggie: The range makes all types of skin look radiant and that makes for good makeup application. The line up isn\’t derm-tech level but it\’s a step up from mass. It\’s affordable, easy to use and understand, and although Benefit is committed to its leadership in makeup, our skincare strategy is a global initiative.

The new skincare range is available at all Benefit stores and counters.

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