Something Fun: What do you do in 60 seconds?

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Sophia Phan & Michelle Reed

One minute, 60 seconds, 3600 milli-seconds &

The bigger the number, the longer the time seems, right?

We didn\’t seem to think so until we saw this image created by Go Globe just how many things we are sending, uploading and receiving across the internet!  98 000 + tweets, 695 000 + Facebook updates and 168 million emails are just some of the stats and to be honest we thought some would be a bit higher! You\’d think the human race has mutated and somehow gained an extra hand with all this texting and updating!

Gone in 60 Seconds, click to view a bigger version


So we brainstormed, and we think our 60 second talents go beyond the realms of social media.

Sophia: I could probably sleep for a minute, brush my hair twice, play eight rounds of Hanging with Friends, send about twenty-three and a bit text messages, chug down three glasses of OJ, spray perfume on the top half of my body, tweet a hundred and fifty-four times, poke seventeen people and like eighty-two statuses.

Michelle: I could probably make a paper airplane, read all the horoscopes, shave my legs, cut my legs shaving, make an instant coffee, send one (perfectly grammatical) text message, sign up to twitter, attempt to parallel park a hatchback, hit a Mercedes while trying to park a hatchback, and spend $1000 at General Pants without wanting to return a thing.

Now it\’s your turn to show off. How can you better spend 60 seconds?

Sophia & Michelle
Your 60 Second Gurus!

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