Interview: Zoe Foster’s Amazing “Mous” Face

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Sophia Phan & Michelle Reed

Zoë Foster\’s an epic slashie: relationship columnist slash author slash tumbler slash editor-at-large slash beauty goddess slash moustache lover. Her unique and witty writing style has yet again been unveiled to us, and this time, it\’s in the form of a delicious beauty bible: Amazing Face: clever beauty tricks, should-own products + spectacularly useful how-to-do-its.

The former Cosmopolitan and Harper\’s Bazaar beauty director has not only written a comprehensive guide to every woman\’s face, but exhibits the elusive quality almost all instructional novels lack: a blunt, playful dryness and a tell-it-like-it is approach to cosmetics.

We jumped at the chance to interrogate the illustrious Zoë Foster and may have also asked some beauty-related questions as well.

When did you first meet and fall in love with beauty and possibly, the beast?

There was a lip balm (singular; we lived in the country were pretty tomboy-ish)  that circulated between all my sisters when I was just a teeny little squid, maybe five or so. And I loved the scent. It smelled like Strawberry Shortcake, and lollies and cakes, all of which were forbidden in our house. I probably tried to eat it, rather than wear it, on reflection.

How did you cultivate your unique writing style?

Do you cultivate it? I think writing style is intrinsic to who you are, it’s inherently yours, like a fingerprint. I guess I have evolved my tone over the years, though, this usually happens when I travel, or find a new TV show (usually animated or obscure comedy) or film or writer who resonates with me, and who makes me laugh, and who inspires me to think in new ways. [Ed’s Note: Some of us are just not as gifted and writing styles have to be cultivated!]

What made you want to write a Beauty Bible and name it Amazing Face?

My publisher suggested it actually, this idea of making a compilation of all my favourite tips and tricks (and fruitybeauty posts) over the years, and I thought, cripes, what a splendid idea, and how convenient to have all this very useful and fun beauty advice in one, easy to read digest. And so it was born! The name was a second choice; my original title was ‘Your Face Stops at Your Boobs,’ (not even kidding) but strangely they didn’t go for it…

What\’s your number one make up tip for all Plain Jane\’s out there who don\’t want to mess around?

Concealer, lambs! Get it right and reap the rewards. Find the right shade (and texture) of concealer, and watch how it brightens your face and makes your eyes look more alive and your blemishes (and scars thereof) disappear! It’s probably, absolutely a necessity I would say.

What\’s the number one beauty infringement you cringe at?

Well, not wearing sun protection every day, probably. That’s a big one. But if you will permit me to get more specific: over plucking, over waxing brows, so that they are too thin,  too-arched, or too-round. See a pro, get your brows looking good, bro.

‘Things to keep at his place\’, love it! What\’s the first beauty product you leave on his bathroom shelf and why?

Tinted moisturiser. I can squeesh his cleanser and body lotion and face cream and hair stuff and even his razor if I am being a real grub, but he will never have my shade of broad spectrum, tinted moisturiser. (Inconvenient.)

How should one grow and tame a moustache to impress you? Any particular favourite styles?

It’s funny, you know, I didn’t mean for this mou thing to become a ‘thing’, but it’s taken on a furry, finger-twirling life of its own. I don’t actually like mous on dudes; unless they are actors in a period drama, or animated, (but not Ned Flanders). I DO like mous on me though, and take a small plastic one with me everywhere, just in case an amazing photo opportunity arises that I can ruin with it.

Have any tips on how to vamp up an old, boring hairstyle? I\’m sure every girl with long, slightly layered, natural colored hair with a side fringe wants to know&(or maybe just this one&bad, selfish journalist).

Yes: DO SOMETHING TO IT. Something involving scissors, or hair dye, probably. Take a few hours and spend it on (obviously) or and just look at cool girls with great hair and decide how you would like to look. It grows back (or fades), you know. Have some fun!

How important is a hairbrush and which would you recommend? There seems to be so many widths, lengths and bristles these days & remember the good old comb, ahhh!

A styler (or ‘Denman’) brush is crucial for damage-free drying, a barrel brush for blow drying and a paddle brush for smoothing and grooming. Bang!

Plugging time! No need to convince lucky us, we got to read the thing for free and we\’re still buying it&but why should every woman with a face across the globe buy your wonderful book?

You sweet little cucumbers! Thank you. Women should buy Amazing Face because it will help them to become ‘unstuck’. And we all get stuck, doing the same makeup every day, the same hair style every time we go out, and guess what? It might not be as flattering as you think it is, or as it was 10 years ago. So, why not learn some new tricks? Buy some new prodz? Look the best you’ve ever looked? Sounds like fun if you ask me, and do, because I definitely know the answer.

One more, we promise, when shall we be expecting yourself and Mr. Blake to appear on The Amazing Race? Because surely, you are foreshadowing a humorous travel adventure on a popular commercial station with this rhyme and all & face & race. We\’re onto you.

Look, I mean, there’s no doubt we’d win (and by win I mean “eliminated first round for stopping to eat fish and chips and losing the challenge”) but the producers wouldn’t have us. Said something about the envelopes of cash we sent them as being “illegal” and “totally inappropriate” blah blah blah.

If you think our theory is questionable, just look at the teamwork displayed in this video!

Available Monday June 27th: Penguin RRP $39.95 … line up, don’t miss out!

Sophia & Michelle
Your Mous Mates

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