Book Review: Tiger’s Quest by Colleen Houck

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Tina Gamble

Book 2 in the Tiger Saga

Kelsey is back in Oregon trying to forget the man she left behind in India. She even starts dating, in an attempt to move on with her life. But then who should come into town but the very man she was trying to forget?

And it would seem he didn\’t come alone&

Tiger\’s Quest is the next staggering novel in the Tiger Saga by Colleen Houck. It is breath taking. The blend of adventure and drama is deftly woven, and will have readers fiercely clinging to the book and desperately wishing for more.

This novel brings out all of your emotions: from happiness to sadness, from hope to despair and everything else in-between. It\’s truly a ride, as you follow Kelsey on her return to India, and her love story that borders on tragic.

In the first novel, I was all for Kishan (what can I say? I love lost causes). But in the second novel, we get to see this glimpse of Ren and his relationship with Kelsey. There is definitely a strong chemistry there and if you\’re like me, you will be cheering Ren on, as he competes with Kelsey\’s other dates.

And for all those fans looking for excitement and action – it\’s back – bigger and badder than before. All I can say is, Lokesh makes a move that will have devastating results&

Much like the first novel, Tiger\’s Curse, Tiger\’s Quest is filled to the brim with emotion and danger. It seems Houck loves to shock us. There were plenty of points throughout the novel when I felt like I\’d been throw into the deep end (in a good way) and I was there alongside Kelsey searching for way out.

I was completely drawn in by the characters and the story, and now I\’m just left wondering if I\’m going to be able to survive until the next release in November.

It\’s going to be a long winter& Lucky there\’s time to re-read.

Available now: Hachette RRP$16.99

Love Tina


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