Thank you Jurlique!

| 29 June , 2011 | Reply

Yesterday I was really sick, I had a bad headache, my whole body was achy, I felt like I had hit my centenary birthday and I struggled to get through the day. When you own your own business, having time off is a big luxury and you don’t really want to spend it in bed and you just don’t have time to be honest … so I trooped through the day as best I could with my lovely interns Sophia and Michelle.

During the day, I received a lovely surprise, a gift from Jurlique, they couriered this bottle of Lavender Oil to me and instructed me to go and have a long hot soak in the bath and put this beautiful oil in and I will feel better.

So I gave Sophia and Michelle an early mark and then I ran myself a steaming hot bath and soaked in the divine lavender oil and although I wasn’t magically 100% (a girl can hope can’t she?) I did feel better and managed to sleep 10hrs last night and feel so much better today.

I was so grateful for the kind gesture and Lavender is one of my favourite scents that I love to burn in my little oil burners, it’s so relaxing and calming.

If you want to purchase your own little bottle, you can via their website: … it’s only $32.00, but they also have Rose Oil ($50) and Lemon Body Oil ($32).

And if you missed it, check out our interview with Teresa Palmer, brand ambassador for Jurlique.

Thank you Jurlique.


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