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| 4 July , 2011 | 2 Replies

Michelle Reed

Want to pursue a career in television but don\’t know where to even kind of start? Ever wanted to know how people get their amazing careers? Well don\’t you worry your pretty little camera loving head, all the well kept secrets are available in three new books that have been released by Red Hill Press in collaboration with The Reach Foundation .

The books have been designed to go behind the scenes and allow you to step into the popular worlds of fashion, music and TV and find out how you can ‘get your break\’ into the industries. Find out how to live the life of a Fashion Designer, Recording Artist and Television Presenter.

‘Get your Break-Television Presenting\’ is every celebrity wan-a-bee\’s godsend. With interviews with Fuzzy Agolley, Danny Clayton, Jules Lund and Erin McNaught, uncover the key to succeeding as a Television presenter in Australia. Set out as a conversational Q&A questions, reporters and presenters from both prescription and free to air television tell all.

Find out what makes a good show reel, what to expect in an audition, interviewing techniques, tips for dealing with nerves, what the job involves off screen and what producers are really looking for.

Being a young budding actress myself, I found this book to be exactly what I needed. If you really want to succeed in this industry, it\’s all about ACTION. No, apparently sitting at home and watching ‘Entourage\’ will not give you the tips you need&with so many portals of technology at your disposal you need to use them! If you want to be the next Pip Russel, video yourself on location on your next holiday! If you watch Blake Lively on Gossip Girl and think “Pft. I can so have another fight with my fake mum much better” then do some courses and get a show reel together. Pretty much every one of these guys says the same thing-although it all takes off with one big break, it doesn\’t happen overnight.

The ‘Get Your Break\’ books are available to purchase from and through any bookstore with the exception of Borders. You can also visit The Reach Foundation website for more information about their programs. $1 from the sale of every book even goes to them as well. Yay, charity!

You can read our reviews for Fashion Designer, Recording Artist and interview with Marnie Skillings on how she got her break.

The Next Cate Blanchette

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