Gin Wagging: Old School Charms Reveal the Correct Way to Court

| 4 July , 2011 | Reply

When embracing a person from the opposite sex, one must always keep a cucumber\’s distance apart.

This was just some of the quirky information imparted at the Hendrick\’s Refined Courtship Clinic held recently in Sydney. Besides getting me thinking that perhaps it\’s necessary to carry a cucumber around at all times (which as the preferred accompaniment to gin, this might not be such a bad idea) it also got me thinking about the importance of manners in bygone eras and the difference in today\’s society of Facebook stalking and text message break ups.

So over a Henrick\’s Gin, served with a slice of cucumber in a quaint teacup and saucer, we were taken back to Victorian times by the mischievous hosts Dr Humphrey SixWivs and Mrs Isabella Forlornicate. The tongue-in-cheek duo educated us in all things etiquette-esque from polite body language to acceptable topics of conversation and even reading signals from a lady\’s fan movements, which revealed the following secret language:

  • Carrying an open fan in the left hand: Come and talk to me.
  • Fanning slowly: I am married.
  • Fanning quickly: I am engaged.
  • A half closed fan pressed to the lips: You may kiss me.
  • Placing your fan near your heart: You have won my love.

With a setting reminiscent of a Jane Austen novel, there are also cucumber sandwiches on offer – no surprises there – along with informative Hendrick\’s staff who can tell you all about the gin making process.

After a successful international stint here, The Hendrick\’s Refined Courtship Clinic also popped up in Melbourne. Who knows, it may continue to pop up around the country.


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