Book Review: Get Your Break! Recording Artists, Samuel J Folder

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Rocking out packed festivals, seeing your record top the charts, hearing a swarm of people sing along with the lyrics to your songs. This sort of stuff may be the substance of day dreams for anyone who has ever dabbled in music. But the new book Recording Artists! Get your Break shows you how t turn these dreams into a reality.

Packed with in depth interviews with a range of upcoming, emerging, and established Australian artists Recording Artists brims with practical advice from those who have been there, done that, and are willing to share.

There\’s none of that ‘I was just lucky\’ kinda blow musicians usually pull in interviews in this book. Artists as wide spread as Ben Lee, Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe), Urthboy, Kate Miller-Heidke, and Xavier Rudd all provide honest and in-depth accounts of exactly how they made their dreams their career. Folder also interviews important industry experts including record A&R\’s, artist management, and commercial and alternative radio professionals to let you know exactly what they\’re looking for.

Recording Artists gets down to the gritty details of every aspect of these young artists progression: how to get and maintain industry attention, singing a contract, recording an album, promotion and touring, and the all important song writing process. Importantly it tells you how to do these things in a distinct Australian industry and within a climate where record sales are at an all time low, the large number recording contracts of ten years ago are almost extinct, and acts can have a top ten hit and still be pinching pennies.

Recording Artists is an extremely interesting read for anyone with any type of interest in music. It\’s a crucial one for anyone looking to establish a music career in Australia. With some proceeds going to Reach Foundation\’s work to help young Australians realise their dreams, this book is an absolute win-win.

For every reader that ever dreamed of being a rock star and was told it was impossible – you\’ll wish Get Your Break! Recording Artists was in your hands when you were annoying the neighbours with your garage band every afternoon after school.

The ‘Get Your Break\’ books are available to purchase from and through any bookstore with the exception of Borders. You can also visit The Reach Foundation website for more information about their programs. $1 from the sale of every book even goes to them as well.

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