Review: Getting Away With It, Julie Cohen

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Diane Sexton

If I had the choice, I’d always choose to be the evil twin. Evil twins had much more fun…

Julie Cohen’s latest novel Getting Away With It starts with a rush of adrenaline as stuntwoman Liza Haven drives a Ferrari Enzo much faster than the owner would have liked. I was instantly hooked.

For Liza, being the bad twin has always been the way she defined herself. But since events (involving the Enzo) force her to reconsider her career, she revisits her home town of Stoneguard in the Wiltshire Downs – site of teenage rebellion and where her identical sister Lee is running the family ice cream business. But, when Liza returns to town, her sister Lee, the good twin, has disappeared and everyone thinks Liza is Lee. To make matters more interesting, Liza feels unmistakeable attraction towards Lee’s aristocratic boyfriend Will, and physical revulsion at the thought of ice cream. Still, she decides to see what it’s like to be the good twin until Lee can be found and embarks on a mission to make the townspeople believe Lee has never left.

For a while it all seems smooth sailing, even at running the family business. Liza thinks she’s getting away with it … but is she? Their mother has always been able to tell at a glance which sister is which, but now she has Alzheimer’s so maybe she will be fooled too. As Liza starts getting deeper into Lee’s life, it seems Lee has been keeping secrets from everyone, perhaps even herself, for years. And then there’s the ice cream. What’s to stop Liza starting some harebrained scheme (or schemes) to revitalise the business only to have it crash down?

Of course I was desperate to know if Liza would get away with it and this is what kept me reading long past my bedtime every day until I’d finished the book. Does she get away with it? Does she get the guy? Does she grow to like ice cream? And what happened to Lee? I can only recommend that you read it to find out.

Available now: Hachette RRP $19.99


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